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September 07, 2021

How much does an ADU cost?

Abodu Team

The trending granny flats you may have seen listed on Airbnb, sitting in backyards along the West Coast and across the country, and featured in many home improvement Pinterest boards are known as accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, and while certain lifestyle and economic factors typically grant accessibility to adding these to a home, ADUs are more affordable in California than ever before.

ADU Pricing in California

Contractors often communicate ADU costs to homeowners in the form of price per square foot, and these prices can vary greatly. According to a UC-Berkeley survey, Bay Area homeowners pay an average of $350,000 to $390,000, though there are opportunities for planners and developers to optimize the process as an affordable housing solution.

ADUs can be extremely pricey in some areas because the cost of materials can vary from one place to another. Code compliance is another important piece as well—each unit must include a kitchen and bathroom, and connecting the needed mechanical systems for these facilities to function properly is much more expensive than adding another room to an existing home.

You may be tempted to build your ADU on your own to try to save money on construction costs, but this could pose issues with quality and will likely take longer to complete when compared to working with an experienced ADU builder with the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.

Abodu’s ADU Pricing

Abodu offers a concierge service that includes a dedicated project manager that oversees it all for you. Our prefab backyard homes provide the quickest possible turnaround for adding an ADU to California and Washington backyards, and all for a fair price. We’ll make sure that you get everything you’re looking for in an ADU with the added benefit of a thoughtful end-to-end service that guarantees you’ll receive an expertly designed structure boasting unmatched quality without worry of hidden fees coming back to bite you.

Abodu Studio

The Abodu Studio starts at $228,800.

Enjoy our Pricing Guarantee and a full-sized living, kitchen, and bathroom that could fit in even the smallest backyard. We’ll be there to handle it all—from blueprint to delivery, ensuring that there’s a familiar face walking you through every step of your project. The total cost covers site preparation, permitting, transporting the prefabricated structure to the site, and installation.

Abodu One

The Abodu One starts at $252,800.

Whether you want to welcome guests in town for the weekend, accommodate a recent graduate returning home after school, or construct a bespoke home office with the help of an expert, we’ve got you covered. We have our own permitting team to work with to ensure that the process is speedy and painless, and you’ll never have to worry about big surprises disrupting construction. We put everything together offsite in a factory setting, which means we’re able to get everything completed within a precise timeline.

Abodu Two

The Abodu Two starts at $292,800.

Enjoy a fully loaded outdoor living space that feels like home. We won’t mark up any part of the permitting process we handle on our end, and you can even preview the payment schedule on our website. If you’re interested in any custom upgrades or features we have available, we’ll readily communicate any changes to the price before we get started, as well as additional common factors that can increase the price.

See it all for yourself in person and speak with an expert! Connect with the Abodu team by completing our online contact form to book an appointment at our Redwood City showroom. We currently service San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and Seattle, Washington.

And, we'll make it easy.

With concierge-level service from blueprint to delivery, you get a familiar face walking you through every step.