Design delivered to your backyard. The Dwell House, exclusively from Abodu.

Abodu Unit

Eric McInerney

September 21, 2022

logo When I got connected to Zach Klein, CEO of Dwell, over 2 years ago, I thought maybe I could shamelessly convince him to publish another article on Abodu. Instead, what I found was the start of a long and fruitful partnership to co-develop an ADU for the most discerning, design-forward customers who want the best of the best. I'm excited to introduce the Dwell House, exclusively from Abodu. We've been hard at work designing and developing this product for the past two years... big thanks to Phi Phan, who led this effort, and all of our team members who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring this to life. Design delivered to your backyard. The Dwell House is here, available exclusively from Abodu. This 540-square-foot ADU is born from a special collaboration between Abodu, Norm Architects, and Dwell. With a California-meets-Copenhagen aesthetic and curated design touches throughout, Dwell House is crafted for luxury living. We were able to draw on data from the hundreds of projects under our belt to know what customers really want out of a premium backyard home and lean on Dwell's 20+ year history as an authority on great design, and an early champion of prefab. Working with the folks at Norm was a pleasure, as they're designers I've personally admired for some time. They're one of the most renowned Danish architects, and they've been a pioneer of their aesthetic for the past 15 years- they literally wrote the book on Soft Minimalism and a sensory approach. And their product design expertise in furniture and decor is a great parallel for how we think about the universal design of an ADU at Abodu. From the 'dogtrot moment' with the 12-foot folding door and 12-foot kitchen glass to the thoughtful built-ins to the beautifully-tiled bathroom, there's a lot of competition for your favorite feature. And throughout are the hallmarks of any Abodu - cathedral ceilings, thoughtfully-placed windows, and an optimized layout to make a small space feel way bigger than the specs. We're really proud of what we've created and can't wait to show it off to you. Whether you're looking for extra space for your growing family, multi-generational living, a rental unit, or a little bit of everything, this is designed to be versatile enough for whatever life throws at you. If you're in the market, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to come visit our showroom and experience it for yourself. We're featuring the Dwell House at our new downtown Los Angeles Arts District showroom. As with anything else we do, it's only worth doing if we can deliver a customer experience that removes the hassle of traditional construction, and provide an end-to-end concierge-level service. Our team members and partners work so, so hard behind the scenes to make sure your Abodu gets built, permitted, delivered, craned, inspected, and spruced up so that you can get to the good part — living. Browse the Dwell House by clicking here. Share on facebookShare on Twitter(

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