Cindy & Seth’s Backyard Bliss

Cindy & Seth’s Backyard Bliss


February 4, 202023ABODU, ADU, HOMEOWNER

Figs, Flowers, and Fond Memories

“We look forward to having more guests,” says Cindy. “More family and friends to stay. That's what it’s all about, right?”

Cindy and Seth live in Sonoma, California. Their home features a beautiful backyard, where they spend their time lounging by a spacious pool, or picking figs and flowers in their garden. So when they began looking for a backyard unit, it was important to them to find one that meshed well among the roses and lavender.

The Abodu Two was love at first sight. Not only were the couple impressed at the level of transparency around cost, they loved how the Abodu Two fit their personal aesthetic. “It’s minimal. It’s not fussy. It’s clean. In ten years, it’ll still look good,” says Cindy. “And in twenty years, it’ll still look good!”

But at the end of the day, the Abodu Two is more than just a space for the both of them. It’s also a place where they can bring family and friends together. In fact, they even hosted their daughter’s wedding in their backyard, and the newlyweds used the Abodu as a quiet space for themselves during the festivities.

Whether it’s spending time relaxing in the day, or celebrating with loved ones at night, their Abodu Two is there for every special moment.

Photo Credit : Allen Danze

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