Travel more live flexibly with Abodu

Travel more live flexibly with Abodu

See how Joyce uses her Abodu

What would it feel like to have more options, additional income, and more space to thrive? Joyce added an Abodu One to her backyard and it’s created an abundance of opportunities for her to not only live out some of her travel dreams, but also enjoy the extra space it provides.

When you step outside Joyce’s Abodu One, you’re immediately surrounded by bougainvillea and trees, and hit with bright California sun on the wide patio. It’s a spot so serene, we wouldn’t fault Joyce for wanting to keep the space all to herself.

But Joyce has other plans.

Before the pandemic, Joyce had purchased the Abodu with the intention of making it her homebase and renting out her main home. This would afford her the opportunity to travel and live in a downsized space. But the pandemic changed the course for many, including Joyce. Now she utilizes her Abodu as a yoga studio, meeting space, art studio, and meditation space.

But Joyce’s plans for travel didn’t stop, and when she’s not enjoying her sun-soaked Abodu she rents it out for additional income that no doubt fuels her ability to travel and live with more flexibility.

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