Using prefab ADUs as a guest house

Using prefab ADUs as a guest house


March 30, 2023Backyard Living

There’s a lot you can do with a backyard guest house, from hosting backyard weddings to adding extra income. We’ve outlined the difference between ADUs and guest houses, the benefits of prefab guest houses, and our 6 favorite ways people use their guest houses.

First, let’s understand the difference between an ADU and a guest house.

What is an ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An ADU is a living space that is either attached or detached from a main house and is a fully-livable unit, meaning it has a kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms or studio space.

Attached ADUs are typically a converted space, like a garage or basement, that is turned into a separate residence.

A detached ADU is exactly what it sounds like — a detached unit that is placed somewhere on a property that already has a main home or multi-family unit on it.

You can either build your own ADU or you can purchase a prefabricated — or prefab — option, which can drastically cut down on project timelines. Prefab ADUs are typically built in a climate controlled location and are placed on the site.

What is a guest house?

A guest house is typically a sleeping space that is designed for short-term stays and sometimes has kitchenettes, living areas, and separate bathrooms.

What is the difference between ADUs and a guest house?

Guest houses are generally designed for short-term stays whereas ADUs offer full amenities for long-term living. ADUs are made for affordable housing but also function as beautiful guest houses — especially if you purchase a prefab guest house like an Abodu.

Abodu offers a turn-key solution for people looking to add a guest house or ADU to their property.

What are the benefits of a prefab guest house?

  • Use it as a rental unit to earn passive income. You can quickly begin earning money on your rental unit when you purchase a prefab ADU or guest house because project timelines are typically much shorter than building a unit from scratch.

  • Increased property value. Potential homeowners are typically willing to pay for properties with ADUs because they offer additional living space and passive income.

  • Adds flexible space to your property. Guest houses and ADUs offer extra space for remote work and learning, additional space for home gyms, or art studios, as well as space to host adult children and aging parents.

Prefab units are typically easier projects to manage. Prefab guest houses or ADUs are already designed and built, removing one of the most challenging parts of the process. Abodu takes care of every step in the process, from the permitting to the site prep, delivery and install.

A modern prefab guest house used for backyard weddings.

Cindy and Seth purchased an Abodu Two to add to their spacious backyard that features a pool and garden.

The white-clad prefab guest house served as a stunning modern backdrop to their daughters at-home wedding and a private escape for the newlyweds after the festivities.

The La Cantina doors let in the mild California weather, which makes the structure feel open and airy — perfect for a backyard guest house.

A pro built guest house doubles as a holiday party flex space.

Jackie and Dan added an Abodu One to their backyard the week before Christmas. With the extra space, they pulled a long table up to the built-in storage bench in their Abodu and hosted their family for the holiday.

Having a backyard guest house creates a flexible space to host large gatherings without having to rearrange and impact your main living area. Plus the full functional kitchen in the Abodu makes prepping big meals a breeze.

Too tired to clean up after the party? Having a guest house means you can wait to clean up

This prefab guest house is the perfect launch pad for adult children.

Megan and her new husband needed a space that allowed them to save up enough money to buy a house — and the Abodu One on her parents property is the perfect spot.

Now Megan and her mother enjoy quiet evenings with a glass of wine around the firepit, all the while the couple saves up money for their future.

A backyard guest house is the perfect investment for adult children that need a little time to save money before going out on their own, without the headache of cohabitation. Plus, when they leave, parents have either a rental unit or a guest house for future visits.

For aging parents, a backyard guest house is just the thing.

As parents age, families have to make tough choices on where to move to be closer to their parents. For Monica and her father-in-law, the choice was easy. Monica and her family moved into her father-in-law’s original home and they added an Abodu One into the backyard as a guest house for dad.

Now Grandpa gets to stay in his community, be close to his family and grandkids, and everyone gets to enjoy the privacy of their own space.

Use a prefab guest house for aging parents instead of buying a larger home.

For Kerri and Jan, a backyard guest house was the easier solution to moving Jan’s mother into their home. They considered buying a larger home, but instead purchased an Abodu prefab guest house for Jan’s mother and skipped the stress of the real estate market.

Use a prefab guest house for rental income now, aging parents later.

If your parents aren’t yet ready to move in, a prefab guest house can serve as a rental unit until your parents are ready to be closer to family to live out their golden years, like Jackie and Dan have done.

Interested in adding a modern prefab guest house to your backyard? Set up an intro call with an Abodu rep today.

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