Create more livable space in your backyard with Abodu

Create more livable space in your backyard with Abodu

Flora brings the outside in with her Abodu One

What if you could add flexible space to your backyard that served as a hangout, a backyard kitchen, and a place to spread out and relax as a family? That’s exactly what Flora has done with her Abodu One.

What started as a need for extra space for her husband to work while their two kids did online school in the main house during the pandemic has turned into a flexible living space and another source of income for the family.

Initially, Flora was looking at getting a custom-built ADU with another company.

“It felt like we had more questions than answers about what we could build in our backyard,” she says. “We had gone several months without making a lot of progress, so that’s when we decided to look elsewhere.”

Flora is involved in the art community in San Jose, and her discerning eye made choosing the beautifully designed Abodu One an easy choice. The fact that Flora could quickly add the extra space with the prefabricated Abodu ADU sealed the deal.

“We were immediately attracted to Abodu because of their “one-stop shop” approach to building an ADU,” says Flora.

“They handled all the permitting, managed the site work, coordinated all the subcontractors and communicated with us every step of the way.”

Aesthetically, the Abodu looks as if it has always been there — the wood siding is a perfect match to the existing fence and the cactus landscaping completes this outdoor oasis. Flora decorated the Abodu with her personal art collection to make the addition even more unique.

Flora delighted in creating a backyard space that flows seamlessly indoors and out utilizing the panoramic folding doors that opens up the Abodu so the living room becomes an extension of the yard. The kitchen creates an easily accessible entertaining space so that whoever is in the kitchen prepping dinner or snacks can still feel part of the gathering.

While the Abodu One comes in at 500 square feet, Flora says the high ceilings make the space feel big and open, and give her plenty of room to hang large pieces of art throughout the home.

The large windows and the panoramic folding doors create an airy space that seamlessly flows into the backyard, making it feel more open and versatile.

While Flora’s Abodu is beautiful, it was the process of working with a dedicated project manager and having a holistic understanding of cost and timeline from day one that sealed the deal for her and her family.

“Abodu gave us a clear idea of how much this project was going to cost from the beginning. They also gave us an estimated timeline from start to finish, which was a huge relief,” she says.

The Abodu not only creates a flexible living space for the entire family, but also provides an extra stream of income as a rental unit. Flora takes pride in utilizing the space as a way to showcase her art collection and design aesthetic to guests — the additional income is a bonus.

And because Abodu “saved us a lot of time by working with the city of San Jose to streamline the ADU permitting process,” they were able to begin utilizing the space in less time than it took them to even get started with a custom-built ADU contractor.

“Abodu gave us peace of mind from the very beginning,” she says, highlighting the concierge service the Abodu team is known for. “Abodu’s concierge service is probably one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had.”

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