Turn your parents backyard into a home

Turn your parents backyard into a home



How Abodu turns ‘living with your parents’ on its head

This is Vu-Bang. He’s a fan of all things contemporary (minus that incredible retro Atari). Step inside his sleek Abodu One and you’ll discover a space outfitted with mid-century furniture and considered pops of color. It’s a reflection of Vu-Bang’s personality. He’s young, stylish, and always keeps an eye on trends, including the future of homeownership.

A few years ago, “living with your parents” might conjure a particular image. Sweatpants, basement, video games, the like. No shade to that, but Vu-Bang is modernizing the concept.

 He built an Abodu on his parents’ scenic San Jose property so that one day they can swap places but stay close.

Vu-Bang will move into the main house and his parents will dwell in the Abodu—gladly, by the way. How can you not relish the opportunity to live in such a good-looking spot?

You’re probably wondering what will happen to the Atari or the street art that’s pretty specific to Vu-Bang’s aesthetic. That’s the beauty of Abodu. Our homes are highly customizable and can be modified pretty painlessly, barring a full blown jungle-themed tile mosaic.

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