Financing Your Abodu

In-house financing options now available with Abodu Finance! Our customers can enjoy a worry-free purchase process of their Abodu ADU without having to shop for outside financing.

Top ways to finance an ADU

Cash out refinance

An option for homeowners with significant equity in their property


Another option for homeowners with significant equity in their property

Construction Loan

Commonly used by homeowners planning to rent out their Abodu, but also a potential fit for owner-users


For those looking to invest in their property without using financing

No Payment Equity Loan

Investor request no monthly payment for 10 years, and small equity share for repayment in 10 years


Reverse mortgage for seniors, with no monthly mortgage payment for borrowers over 62 yrs old.

Mortgage Calculator

Base Abodu & Standard Sitework


Average Custom Sitework


Average Permits & Taxes


Interest Rate


Down Payment (if Desired)


Down Payment Percentage


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes — Abodu offers in-house financing services for the best rates and service. Depending on your situation, we can help you tap into your home equity (through a HELOC or Cash-out Refi), or obtain a traditional loan (construction loan, renovation loan), along with other options. Learn more about Abodu's financing options here. Or just reach out and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Yes — Abodu can help you can get a loan to build an ADU. There are multiple ways you can finance an ADU, including cash-out refinancing, a Home Equity Loan, a HELOC (home equity line of credit), a construction loan, and more. Abodu Finance and its in-house lending consultants act as a broker, hunting for the best loan offering that fits your needs and unique situation. Learn more.

Abodu is a licensed Mortgage Brokerage with an in-house Mortgage Broker. We maintain a wide range of lender relationships to find the most attractive loan terms possible to finance your Abodu ADU. Our Mortgage Broker will first have a conversation with you to understand your goals and preferred methods of financing. After your informational call, we’ll leverage our lender network to find the most attractive option for you. To book a call with an Abodu Mortgage Broker, click here!

Nope! You can keep your existing low rate primary mortgage and finance your Abodu ADU separately with a second mortgage. In fact, at Abodu, we have a network of lenders that provide below market rates on second mortgages starting at an introductory rate of 3.99% APR.

The two most common ways our customers are financing their Abodu ADU is with a home equity line of credit (HELOC) starting with an introductory rate of 3.99% APR and fixed rate 15-year second mortgage starting at 6.75% APR.

Currently, the CalHFA ADU grant is on hold. Once the state legislature decides how to allocate the funds, our in-house Mortgage Broker can assist you with applying and getting approved for the grant so you can use it to purchase your ADU with us.

We work with lenders who consider the after-renovation value of your home with the Abodu ADU along with 75% of the expected rental income (only if you plan on renting it out) on a home equity line of credit.

At Abodu, we work with lenders that are able to qualify you based on profit and loss statements and bank statements instead of traditional income documents like paystubs, W2s and tax returns.

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