​The Abodu Vision and Mission

​​At Abodu, it’s our mission to inspire homeowners to rethink every yard’s potential. We aim to wow you with beautiful backyard homes, and to amaze you with how easy adding living space can be. Whether you want to work from home, keep the kids around longer, rent it for extra cash, or welcome Granny, Abodu is all about options. And as more homeowners add new spaces to their existing places, together we help solve the housing crisis – building a future where backyard homes are the norm, not the exception.

Who We Are

​​Our team brings the best of both worlds – real estate and construction veterans teamed up with experts across several industries. Our breadth of experience grants us a fresh perspective. This allows us to re-engineer real estate development, putting the customer at the center of everything we do.

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The Perfect Space

​​Every square inch is engineered to maximize the living potential of every yard. So Abodu feels right at home in yours.