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What's included in the base price?

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Complete Abodu unit
  • Permit services
  • Pre-approved plans
  • Unit delivery and installation
  • Foundation
  • Standard utility connections
Doesn't Include
  • Utility trenching beyond 50 ft
  • Craning beyond 100 ft
  • Building or structure demolition
  • Tree removal
  • Unique site engineering
  • Sales tax and permit fees

Introducing Abodu Finance

Enjoy a seamless Abodu ADU purchase experience from start to finish.

What do customers pay on average?

Adding upgrades will increase the price of your Abodu. So will challenging site conditions, like sloped or very deep lots. Curious how much our customers pay? Find our average prices below.

Permit fees and taxes are $17,000 on average but can vary drastically by city.

Contact us to get an exact cost for your project.

What payments are due, and when?

The cost of your Abodu is split into two parts: Unit Contract (for your Abodu) and Site Work Contract (to get your backyard into shape). See below for when these payments are usually due.

  • 1

    On-Site Assessment

    $250 Non-Refundable Fee

    Your Project Manager will work with you to figure out where to install your Abodu. They'll determine how to connect utilities and the overall installation plan.

  • 2

    Contract Signing

    10% of Unit Contract

    We're ready to start! At this stage you've reviewed your all-in contract and signed it.

  • 3

    Approx. 1 month later
    Unit Manufacturing Begins

    40% of Unit Contract

    Your Abodu is manufactured in the factory. Your Project Manager will keep track of the build, work through permits, and coordinate with the city to ensure minimal disruption to your life.

  • 4

    Approx. 4 months later
    Unit Manufacturing Completed

    The last payment of your Unit Contract (50%)

    Your Abodu is finished with factory manufacturing. We'll wrap it and prepare it for delivery.

  • 5

    Approx. 2 weeks later
    Ready for Installation

    50% of Site Work Contract

    Your backyard has been prepped for your Abodu. This includes trenching, foundation, and other site work.

  • 6

    Approx. 2 weeks later
    Project Completion

    The last payment of your Site Work Contract (50%)

    Abodu has received the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from your city. You’ve also had your final walkthrough and inspection. Congratulations! Your Abodu is yours, ready to give for generations to come.

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