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September 28, 2021ADU Law

Leading the way for other West Coast cities, Los Angeles, California, sees accessory dwelling units as an excellent opportunity for its citizens and the environment. According to AARP, ADUs use significantly less energy for heating and cooling and require fewer resources to build than full-sized homes. In addition to their positive effects on the environment, ADUs also create affordable housing and add value to a home. To allow ADUs to flourish, Los Angeles has created new laws that will make the process of getting an ADU on your property much simpler. Read on for more information on what Los Angeles is doing to make ADU construction a more straightforward process.

Los Angeles Set a New Standard

In early 2021, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) launched an initiative called the Accessory Dwelling Unit Standard Plan Program. This operation seeks to make ADUs more [accessible and affordable in Los Angeles]( with pre-approved designs that allow for a much faster, less-expensive permitting process. Mayor Eric Garcetti commended the “creativity, innovation, resilience, and can-do spirit” of the community rising to the challenge of the housing crunch. He praised the effort to include ADUs as an integral part of the solution to create more affordable communities throughout the city. Since legislation passed in 2017 which sought to ease the restrictions on alternative housing, ADUs account for some 22% of new construction.

Accelerating the pace of New Housing

The LA ADU Accelerator program was designed to build stable housing for seniors while offering homeowners extra income. With rigorously screened tenants and dedicated case managers, the program offers homeowners a reliable way to manage an ADU rental unit. In addition, it provides a safe and trustworthy rental option for seniors (age 62 or older) that allows them to age in place. Because the rental terms include five-year tenancy, the program limits turnover and vacancy for homeowners and provides security for renters. The program puts the focus on matching [ADU homeowners]( with qualified tenants. Plans and terms are already arranged, so the process only takes three months from application submission to tenant move-in. A dedicated case manager will be available to support each homeowner and tenant throughout the five-year rental term.

How Abodu Is Helping ADUs to Flourish

Many Los Angeles homeowners have chosen Abodu for our one-of-a-kind [concierge service]( Abodu partners with city and state governments to ensure compliance with regulations, making it easier to get a quick turnaround time on your ADU installment. Customers work with representatives who understand the processes and laws specific to Los Angeles. Abodu’s pre-approved ADU plans with Los Angeles allow for the installation of our prefabricated ADUs in as little as 30 days from start to finish. Abodu cuts red tape to create pricing transparency as well as turnkey availability for customers. Traditional home builds can take a year or more, and through permitting and construction, the project’s scope often expands, leading to increasing the budget and timeline. An Abodu accessory dwelling unit can be finalized, delivered, and installed within about three months.

Learn More about ADUs in Los Angeles

Thanks to the Accessory Dwelling Unit Standard Plan Program, Los Angeles is becoming a hub for ADUs. Whether you’re looking for extra office space or somewhere for older relatives to retire in comfort, Abodu can provide you with your ideal accessory dwelling unit. If you are interested in learning more about installing an ADU in Los Angeles, [take a virtual tour of our showroom](, fill out our online form for a [free remote assessment](, or call us today at (650) 398-0158 for more information. Pre-approved Abodu ADU Floorplans in Los Angeles

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