6 Things About Backyard ADUs You Didn’t Know

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January 13, 2022Backyard Living

The perfect solution to your new-build dreams is an accessory dwelling unit, and you can make it happen with ease. You may think ADU construction projects are time-consuming, pricey, and stressful, but that’s pretty far from the truth. Read the following six little-known facts about backyard ADUs.

#1 It Won’t Take Forever

Anyone in real estate or construction can tell you that details as minor as acquiring permits and city approval can delay your project up to an entire year. With Abodu, you can get everything completed—permits, installation, and the final ADU—in as little as 6 months.

#2 A Rental Unit Can Fit in Your Backyard

That’s right. A brand-new, custom-built accessory dwelling unit can fit comfortably in the tiniest of backyards. Built as compact as 340 feet, the Abodu Studio comes complete with everything you need to make it home. Each studio unit starts at $199,900 and includes a kitchen with full-size appliances, curated exterior, and interior features, and a totally optimized layout. You won’t have to worry about feeling cramped, ever.

#3 You Don’t Have to Talk to the City About a Thing

Permits are a hassle. Plenty can go wrong, and one obstacle can throw your entire projected timeline off track. The Abodu Concierge Service takes care of the permitting, installation, and warranty on your behalf. Local and state permitting offices pre-approved every Abodu model and floor plan. Giving our customers the quickest installation and permitting process possible.

#4 ADU Construction Can Be Messy If You Partner With the Wrong Contractor

Unreliable contractors are known to make a mess and leave it behind for someone else to clean up. Construction equipment can damage your personal property, even if it’s gone by the time they finish the job. With Abodu, each unit is entirely constructed offsite. Our customers never have to worry about bulky construction equipment wreaking havoc.

#5 Transparent Pricing Structures Eliminate Hidden Fees

Our process allows us to never go over budget. Hidden fees are unfair, which is why we’re transparent about our pricing structure throughout the project timeline.

#6 You Can Speed It up Even More

With Abodu Quickship, you can get your Abodu ADU delivered in as little as 30 days. You can choose from our selection of Abodu One Quickship units that are ready and waiting to be shipped. Each one of these units contains our most commonly selected options and upgrades. You don’t have to sacrifice to gain efficiency. Contact Abodu to learn more about how our Quickship options can expedite your ADU process.

Visit the Abodu Showroom

You can see it all in person at one of our Abodu showrooms in Redwood City, CA or Seattle, WA. Our ADUs are Built-To-Order, and we can discuss any custom options you may be interested in, including custom roofs and appliances. Reserve your appointment now to view our product line and find the right accessory dwelling unit with the features you want.

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