KOTO x Abodu Collab Brings Nordic Style ADUs to the Bay Area

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August 11, 2021Backyard Living

Abodu and Koto develop compact modular homes for buyers on the West Coast who are seeking a quick solution for home expansions and adding detached housing. Koto Abodu has partnered with Koto, a leading designer of modular homes, cabins, and sculptural small buildings, to deliver modern, accessible accessory dwelling units (ADUs) for homeowners across California and Washington. These compact ADUs bring Koto’s Scandinavian style to U.S. soil with added Californian flair. Learn more about how Abodu and Koto’s collab is revamping West Coast living.

Challenging California’s Housing Crisis

Housing shortages and rising rent prices are a compounding concern for homeowners out West, and ADUs have been trending since California’s passage of SB 13. This ADU-friendly bill has helped streamline the development of these home additions, and various local ordinances have been lifted to accelerate ADU accessibility as a result.

Breakneck Turnarounds

Buyers will never have to compromise quality for speed. Abodu’s prefab ADUs boast the renowned quality of Koto’s signature modern homes; plus, projects can take as little as 30 days from permitting to delivery in select CA cities. Abodu manages all of the site prep, and the factory-built units offer an easy opportunity to expand rental income.

Expertly Built Customizations

Homebuyers can choose from a variety of fully furnished units that have complete finishes and appliances. Units can be handpicked from three available options, along with enough custom features to make each space thoughtfully unique. Common frustrations like construction waste and bulky equipment on the property aren’t a concern—every unit is built off-site, and the Abodu team won’t spend more than 4 weeks in each backyard.

Learn more about custom ADUs for your property. Abodu’s showroom is located in Redwood City, CA. You can visit us to learn more about how our team helps avoid all of the stressful considerations associated with new-build construction. With upfront pricing and short turnarounds, Abodu ADUs are the fastest way to add a unit of permanent housing to your property in California and Washington. Book an appointment online to visit our showroom and preview curated furniture packages.

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