Helping Parents Age Independently with Abodu

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July 30, 2022Backyard Living

Maintaining a home becomes more of a challenge as people age. But when you’ve lived somewhere for decades, it’s hard to imagine moving to a new place.

Many homeowners find a solution in ADUs — also known as granny units or backyard homes. They move into the smaller, more accessible ADU and invite their children to live in the main house with their families. This arrangement empowers older adults to continue their routines — from morning coffee to grocery shopping to gardening — while living in a home designed for mobility and comfort.

Best of all, the multigenerational setup enriches the lives of all family members. The kids get plenty of quality time with their grandparents — hanging out after school and eating meals in the shared backyard. The families love being steps away from each other, while still being able to enjoy their separate spaces.

With Abodu, families can avoid the stress of moving their aging parents to a new neighborhood or assisted living facility. We love that our ADUs serve as a solution for elderly family members looking to gracefully age in place into their golden years.

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