Give Yourself the Luxury of Flexible WFH Space

Abodu Unit


August 24, 2023Backyard Living

A Dedicated Space is the Best Work From Home Setup.

Working from home is complicated: on one hand, it frees up precious time and gives us flexibility in our lives for more family or personal time.

On the other hand, working from home can make home feel more stressful and can make it so we have a hard time drawing the line between off work and on the clock.

An Abodu gives you flexible space dedicated to work.

When you create a stunning, dedicated work space you create a separation between work and home — while enjoying the benefits of flexibility.

Adding an Abodu to your yard gives you that separation, while creating a beautiful space to focus on your work, growing your business, or that book you can’t put down.

A dedicated space for work in your backyard allows you to ramp up for work and switch off when it’s time to clock out for the day. This is difficult to do when the lines between home and work are blurred, like they can be when you work in a home office (or from the dining room table).

If you’ve been needing a quiet space to focus, an Abodu might just be the perfect thing for you.

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