What Are the Benefits of a Prefab Structure?

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July 10, 2021Backyard Living

What Are the Benefits of a Prefab Structure? Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have helped homeowners across the West Coast expand their homes and increase their property values in light of the ongoing housing crisis. Since 2017, ADUs have been legal in California, and they offer homeowners and real estate developers opportunities to create affordable housing and drive additional rental income. When it comes to new builds, property owners don’t have to navigate a lengthy, stressful construction process—many home builders can construct prefabricated units to help people enjoy their new spaces more quickly.

What Are Prefab Structures?

Prefab ADUs are built off-site, meaning none of the construction is performed on the property. Instead, a team of developers assembles the structure at a remote manufacturing location. The only work that happens at the home is prepping the site and installing the prefab ADU. Prefab shouldn’t be confused with mass production or low-end materials—in fact, many prefab builders work with renowned architects and use high-quality components. This process takes the stress, noise, and mess out of building a home addition.

Increased Sustainability

Traditional approaches to construction are messy, time-consuming, and often involve extra materials that lead to massive amounts of waste being thrown away once the job’s done. Because prefab ADUs and other structures are almost entirely assembled in a factory, leftover materials can then be recycled for other projects. The factory’s controlled environment also allows for better control of wall insulation, air filtration, and a more accurate construction process overall, giving the end user increased energy efficiency once they occupy the completed structure.

Minimal Disruption at the Home

No one likes waking up to the sound of bulldozers, pile drivers, and other construction work. Off-site assembly minimizes noise pollution and grants customers more privacy. Instead of having workers build a new ADU for months at a time at the property, a prefab \\[ADU’s construction timeline]\(https://www.abodu.com/service) can shorten on-site work to as little as two weeks. Because the builders work in a more productive setting, prefab structures typically have an expedited timeline. Why wait longer and deal with months of on-site construction? Abodu is committed to providing customers in California and Washington with prefabricated ADUs that have custom design options to allow you to craft a structure that’s entirely your own. Book an appointment to visit our showroom in Redwood City, CA and see how you can create an additional living space with all of the functionality of a traditional home.

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