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Eric McInerney

Co-founder and President/COO

October 21, 2020Backyard Living


About the product

For a large part of my childhood, I wanted to be an architect. I’d draw all the time – buildings, cars, interiors. Somewhere along the way, I decided my portfolio wasn’t up to snuff. But it’s always remained an interest, a hobby.

Abodu has been an exercise in flexing that muscle. There are little pieces of ourselves in there, and we’ve been excited to partner with great designers to let them do what they do best.

The galley kitchen is spacious, because John and I lived together in too many apartments where cooking dinner felt like a game of Twister. The materials we selected are based on our (frequent) travels, and working + living abroad. We go above and beyond what’s required for insulation because we spent 150+ nights a year traveling for work in hotels that too frequently skimped in this area.

I want to live in an Abodu. Truly move-in, stuff, and all. That was our bar throughout the design process… to have the largest percentage of people walk through and say, “Wow, it’s so much better than I imagined!” We’ve tried to think of everything.

About the service

Buying an Abodu should feel different. Yes, it’s a home. Yes, it’s construction. But if we do our jobs right, it should be easy, and joyful. We want to earn your trust early on, in order to make sure you’re comfortable, and it’s a good mutual fit. If that’s the case, we’re off to the races. We won’t always be perfect. It’s hard because each home is unique. Each homeowner is unique. But we can try to get as close as possible, by engineering our process in order to anticipate your needs, and be transparent about what we can—and can’t—do. Some might call us mildly obsessive; I’d call us ruthlessly thoughtful.

About our team

John and I were spoiled in our jobs when we previously worked together before Abodu. We got to work with a bunch of hyper-smart, self-motivated rockstars that wanted to take on huge challenges and eat them for breakfast.

At Abodu, we’re thankful that is 100% true for the current set of rockstars that have joined us thus far. This is a special place to work. All we ask of our team? Give a shit. Be the best at what you do. Know exactly what you are. More importantly, know what you’re not.

About the future

I’m a little bit competitive—shoutout to my family for putting up with me when I’d always flip the monopoly board as a kid when I was losing—so, yes, I want us to be the best damn ADU company out there.

And it’s funny to say that, because when we started this business there truly wasn’t any such thing as a pure-play, turn-key ADU provider. Literal blood, buckets of sweat, and the odd teary-eyed conversation later… we’re firing on all cylinders as an operation.

It feels good to be making a measurable impact on the lives of individual homeowners and families and to see it on their faces throughout the project. We’re happy to be putting homes in the ground left and right.

If you’ve been following from the sidelines for a while, there’s never been a better time to reach out and start the conversation.

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Your new Abodu is waiting.