Your "two cents" is worth $4,000

Abodu Unit


June 13, 2022Backyard Living

At Abodu, we’re in a unique position to bring our clients backyard living spaces that look good and perform even better. We are on a path to providing more and more housing as quickly as possible. That's why we're thrilled to announce that we'll pay you $4,000, for every successful referral sale of an Abodu. That's right, 4K! With pre-approved, Scandinavian-inspired designs, built-to-order Abodu projects take as little as six months. All Abodus are prefabricated, meaning minimal disruption to your friends' lives and backyards. And dedicated Abodu Concierges guide customers through the process, so they feel entirely supported from blueprint, to build, to key in hand. Introduce us to your friends, neighbors, or clients and feel confident in the knowledge that you’re setting them up with an efficient, flexible, and stress-free housing solution. Abodu Share on facebookShare on Twitter(

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