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Fast-tracked permitting in conjunction with the Abodu Quickship program is allowing us to deliver permanent housing solutions faster than ever before.

The West Coast isn’t growing new land anytime soon.

Let’s paint a picture of the California housing crisis. We’re currently 1.5 to 1.8 million units short. The median house price has recently eclipsed $800,000. Every day more than 100,000 Californians experience insecure housing. And the problem is getting worse.

Forward-looking backyard dwellings.

The good news is opportunities are knocking over the back fences of suburban backyards. And even better news, recent regulatory changes in cities like San Jose are making it easier than ever for residents and investors to add housing to existing Californian places. Fast-tracked permitting combined with our Abodu Quickship program is enabling us to break our own permit-to-install speed records across the West Coast.

“[San Jose Mayor] Sam Liccardo’s team and the building and planning departments of San Jose are looking for interesting ways to add housing,” says Abodu CEO John Geary. “And they’ve really done a great job of removing the red tape involved in getting a unit of housing approved.”

1,000 ADUs.

We’ve been working with 1000ADU founders Jackie and Preston Rutherford, helping them fulfill their dream plan of purchasing homes, installing ADUs, then re–listing them for sale. Our first Abodu install with the Rutherfords in Camino Monde, San Jose, was described by ABC7 News as “one of the fastest housing projects in city history.” Using the Abodu Quickship program, we were able to fast-track every part of the process and have their Abodu Two delivered and on the ground just 21 days after obtaining the permit. This enabled Jackie and Preston to complete the landscaping and re–list the property within just three months. A quicker turnaround meant less holding costs, and the Rutherfords could move on to the next property on their road to 1,000 new units of Californian housing.

It will take more than 1.5 million units to solve the California housing crisis. So it won’t happen overnight. But now that unprecedented demand for ADUs is being met with fast permitting, improved legislative frameworks, and even the support of lenders, projects like Abodu + 1000ADU are paving the way for what’s possible. “We have this very special moment in time right now,” says Preston, “where all of our constituencies, all of the stakeholders want this. It’s on you and me to now make this happen.”

At Abodu, we’re happy to be playing our part.

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