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Jackie Dan, Abodu One, San Jose, CA.

Jackie Dan, Abodu One, San Jose, CA.


December 2, 2022Homeowner Stories

Jackie and Dan wanted a comfortable space for the whole family to enjoy, but struggled to find something that fit their vision. Until they found Abodu. Modern yet comfortable, clean yet stylish, their Abodu was an aesthetic dream come true.

For instance, they loved the exterior design, and how well it meshed with their home. They also loved the thoughtful, spacious interior design, and the beautiful fixtures that tied everything together. After their Abodu was installed, they barely made any changes, preferring to keep things minimal so that the Abodu’s original charm could keep shining through.

They were prepared to micro-manage every step of the project. And yet they were surprised how low-stress and seamless the process was. “Come for the product, stay for the service,” says Dan.

Now, they have a flexible space for the whole family to enjoy — in style. Jackie uses the Abodu as an occasional workspace when she needs some heads down time. If friends come over for dinner, Jackie and Dan open up the large cantina doors for easy access and host them in the Abodu. And when Dan’s parents come to visit, they have their very own place to stay, with Jackie, Dan, and their daughter Juni staying in the main house.

Eventually, the Abodu will become Dan’s parents’ permanent home, so they can live out their golden years close to the family. Until then, Jackie and Dan can also rent their Abodu out if they choose to. For them, it’s a smart investment in the future, and for the family.

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