Stress-free ADU installation

Site preparation

Ensuring the grounds are cleared and the cement foundation is laid. We can remove/demolish and tow away anything if need be such as sheds, trash, or debris.

Site preparation


From the moment the contract is signed, our dedicated permitting team goes to work pulling your permit as quickly as possible.



We ensure your neighbors are in the loop regarding the timing of the arrival of your Abodu. We provide status updates to ensure you’re in the loop on our dedicated transportation team’s arrival status from our factory, to your street and backyard.


Whether we use a crane or “jack-and-roll” technique for the installation, our team ensures your unit arrives safely, the street is shut down the day of the installation, and your Abodu is flown into your backyard as smoothly and as safely as possible.

abodu home exterior view

Once your Abodu has landed in your backyard, the Abodu Concierge Service ensures all external components such as electricity, water, and plumbing are properly hooked up. After the final city inspection that we coordinate and manage, we go through our 100 point checklist to ensure you are completely satisfied with your Abodu. After that, we hand you the keys.

Exterior Lights

We hook up your exterior lights after installation to ensure nothing is damaged during transportation and installation.

Unit Skirting

After we permanently bolt the Abodu unit to the concrete foundation, we finish up by connecting the skirting that matches your siding to the bottom portion of your Abodu.

Deck Installation

After the exterior lights and skirting are completed, we finish by installing a premium deck that brings the entire backyard home to life and ensures it’s accessible for all.