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Prefab ADU in Los Altos

Abodu makes and installs prefab homes for play, passive income and possibility in as little as 6 months.

About Los Altos

An Abodu prefab ADU in Los Altos is a multifaceted solution for homeowners to create extra living space or a new source of monthly rental income.

Crafted to meet the high standards of California homeowners, accessory dwelling units from Abodu are as practical as they are timeless. Plus, Abodu makes it easy to customize your unit with energy-efficient appliances, beautiful interior finishes, and more.

What are the benefits of having an ADU?

Adding an ADU comes with several noteworthy benefits, such as the potential to generate passive rental income to fund new home improvements or pay down your mortgage.

A prefab ADU in Los Altos provides versatile living space, providing options for housing aging family members or serving as a guest suite for visiting friends. With this flexibility, you can adapt the unit to your evolving needs without the hassle of moving or undergoing costly renovations.

The demand for affordable housing options in the Bay Area is rising—from San Jose and Los Altos Hills to Mountain View and Palo Alto—and a prefab ADU is not only a valuable asset now, but also down the line.

With its potential to generate rental income, offer flexible living arrangements, and enhance property value, a modular home is an opportunity to invest in your future.

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Los Altos ADU requirements

Streamline your ADU construction by researching the Los Altos permit procedures, utility regulations, and ways to finance your ADU project.


How much does an ADU unit cost in Los Altos?

The average construction cost for a Bay Area ADU is roughly $177,500 or around $329 per square foot. Not to mention, a fully customized traditional ADU built on-site can push the expenses to $500,000 or even higher.

For a cost-effective alternative, consider Abodu prefab ADUs, which start at $228,800 for professional designs inspired by the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic.

Building Permits

How do I get an ADU permit in Los Altos?

Check residential zoning codes to verify that you can build an ADU on your property. Then, develop comprehensive plans for your ADU project to submit to your local building and planning department. Be sure to include details such as a floor plan outlining each room’s layout.

When your documents are ready, submit the permit application materials to your community development department for review. If your ADU plans comply with local jurisdictions, community development officials will give you the green light to start building your ADU.


What are the top ADU requirements in Los Altos?

A prefab ADU in Los Altos can have its own separate utility meters or share services with the main residence if the added load permits it. This requires thorough electrical load calculations to determine the impact and panel sizes, if necessary. Fire sprinklers need to be installed in the ADU if they’re required for the main house.

For detached ADUs, the sewer connection should be situated downstream from the building drain of the primary dwelling and linked to the exterior of the main residence’s main sewer lateral. Parking requirements for either a detached or attached ADU is one parking space.


How do I finance an ADU in Los Altos?

Homeowners can explore home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), construction loans, or cash-out refinancing among the many ADU financing options. With a HELOC, you can borrow against your home’s equity to cover the costs of ADU construction.

Unlike traditional mortgages, which are intended for purchasing already-built homes, construction loans for prefab homes provide funds to cover the costs of construction, materials, labor, permits, and other expenses associated with the ADU building process. Often structured to disburse funds in increments as construction progresses, these loans are usually short-term.

A cash-out refinance increases your current mortgage to a higher loan amount. The lender pays out the difference and you can use that money for other purposes, such as building a prefab home, while still paying off your mortgage.

FAQs: Prefab ADUs in Los Altos

Yes, most property owners in Los Altos can build an accessory structure that follows the city’s ADU regulations. For single-family homes, the maximum height for detached ADUs is 16 feet with a size restriction of up to 1,200 sq. ft.

For a more compact version of standard ADUs, junior ADUs (JADUs) have an upper size limit of 500 sq. ft. which aligns with California state law.

Submit your permit application online to the Los Altos Development Services Office. The city’s building and planning divisions review permit applications and grant approvals. It’s worth noting the community development services staff will not accept hard copies of documents at city hall.

A 5-foot distance should be maintained between the primary dwelling and the accessory structure for a detached ADU. Also, a 4-foot separation is mandatory from the side and rear property lines.

The city encourages applicants to voluntarily increase these setbacks to 10 feet from both the rear and interior property lines. This is to minimize any privacy concerns for neighboring property owners. Homeowners who comply with the 10-foot setbacks will be exempt from the daylight-plane provisions for their detached ADUs.

Learn more about Abodu Prefab ADUs

Partner with Abodu to craft a sustainable custom living space. Managing the entire ADU project timeline—from securing building permits to installing your new unit—our ADU experts are here to help build your dream prefab ADU in Los Altos.We are ready to bring your ADU design concepts to life, whether you envision an inviting guest house or a serene home office studio. With our seamless turnkey solutions, you can enjoy your new ADU as soon as nine months.

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Featuring an impressive selection of pre-approved plans, Abodu streamlines the process of building and installing premium built-to-order ADUs.

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Each floor plan showcases timeless designs using sustainable, high-quality materials—all with upfront pricing.

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Committed to delivering a straightforward, hassle-free experience for California homeowners, our efficient approach to prefab ADUs lets you enjoy your newly added living space as soon as seven months after signing on the dotted line.

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Take advantage of an exceptional return on investment with an Abodu ADU.

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