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September 14, 2022

Starting a New Chapter in an ADU


With the Abodu One, Megan and Josh enjoy privacy and independence balanced with family togetherness. Each couple feels free to do their own thing during the day, then unwind together in the evenings. In fact, Megan and her mother Julia often hang in the backyard and share a bottle of wine as the sun sets. The multigenerational setup also allows Megan’s parents to get to know their new son-in-law, establishing a strong family bond as Megan and Josh embark on this next chapter of their lives.

When her parents installed a beautiful 500-square-foot Abodu One in their backyard, Megan and her new husband Josh saw an opportunity to spend more time with her family while saving money to eventually buy their own house.

Maybe one day, Megan and Josh will move into the main house, and her parents will age in place in the more accessible Abodu. The lifespan of Abodus is everlasting, and can evolve to every family’s needs.

And, we'll make it easy.

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