3 Ways to Enjoy your Abodu Install Day

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August 11, 2021Backyard Living

3 Ways to Enjoy your Abodu Install Day Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are an exciting way to create an additional living space on your property, and Abodu makes it easy to enjoy the experience. After the permitting and site preparation process is complete, Abodu will get your unit ready for transport and take important steps to prepare for install, such as informing neighbors and keeping you informed with regular status updates. Once your Abodu ADU arrives, so does the fun! Below are some ways previous customers have made the most of their install day. Hosting an Outdoor Party with Neighbors When Abodu brings ADUs to a residence for installation, street closures are arranged to allow the process to proceed safely. Take advantage of the traffic stoppage by hosting an outdoor party with your neighbors! Previous Abodu customers found that neighbors enjoyed watching the install, too. By inviting neighbors out to enjoy activities, treats, and some Pacific Coast sunshine, you can make your install day fun for the whole neighborhood. Invite the Family Before Abodu closes the street for your install day, invite family members to join you at your home to watch. Set up a potluck-style event or a cookout, and have everyone bring a chair to watch from a safe distance. This option might be especially appealing to you if you plan to use your ADU as a residence for a family member, such as older parents. This may help them to become more adjusted to their new place sooner. Especially because, on average, it takes someone around three months to feel adjusted to a new home, according to Moving.com. Giving them a behind-the-scenes look at the installation process might help them feel more comfortable in their new backyard dwelling. Sit Back and Watch by Yourself If you would rather enjoy the experience on your own, you can simply grab a chair, turn on some music, sit back and relax. It is recommended to take videos and photos while you watch, so you can be sure to capture your experience; there is truly nothing else like it. No matter how you choose to enjoy your installation day, Abodu will be there every step of the process. For more information about how Abodu makes ADU installation simple, fill out our online form.

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