A Prefab ADU Can Add Value and Joy.

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August 6, 2021Backyard Living

A Prefab ADU Can Add Value and Joy. Why an Accessory Dwelling Unit? Property owners want to maximize every bit of their investment, and an accessory dwelling unit is a great way to do that. In recent years, local jurisdictions in The Golden State and Washington have made adding a freestanding backyard structure much easier. These ADUs can range from full custom mini-houses with plumbing fixtures and appliances to a dressed-up garage or shed. And, when you compare the base price of an ADU to the costs of real estate in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, or San Jose, for instance, they’re very affordable. Why Would Homeowners Want an ADU?There are as many reasons to add an ADU as there are single-family homes for their installation. Some of the most common cases for installing an ADU are “granny flats,” rental income, additional storage, and adding an out-of-home workspace. One use case Abodu has seen is for adult children to put an ADU in their yard as a “granny flat.” This is a great solution if you want to keep your aging relative close, but not necessarily under the same roof. When one considers the value of rental property in some of the places where local jurisdiction supports ADUs – Washington, and California, for example, the cost can be repaid quickly in rental income. Hear more stories from Abodu homeowners in their own words. What Is a Prefab ADU?Prefab is a common, informal term for a prefabricated building. Prefab house builders produce all manner of buildings, from a mobile home with vinyl exterior siding to a custom ADU with high-quality upgrades and flexible floor plans. A prefab ADU is as it sounds: an accessory dwelling unit whose manufacturers produce it in their facility and bring it in a complete or near-complete state onsite. How Much Does an ADU Cost?“It depends” is the honest answer; the cost of an ADU will vary based on several factors. An ADU can cost anywhere from 10s of thousands of dollars to a million-plus. The construction of the ADU itself is a significant consideration. If you pay an architect’s fees for design and site plans, you will likely pay more. With a custom ADU design, you choose your interior finish, cabinetry, and other amenities. In essence, you can personalize your space to your needs, wants, and desires. How Much Does a Prefab ADU Cost?Just like a built onsite accessory dwelling unit, a prefab ADU can range in quality and price depending on a number of factors. While not as extensive as a home addition or building a freestanding accessory building, there is still a need for permits, site prep, and figuring out utility connections. One great benefit, and potential cost savings, of a prefabricated ADU, is a significant reduction in site construction time. And, most homeowners will appreciate not living any longer than necessary in a construction zone. Another benefit is availability. Contractors are overwhelmed today, and an ADU pre-built and delivered to your site means you get to work on your timeline! So, while the costs may be similar, the time from permits to final inspection will likely be much shorter. And, if you choose the right provider, they’ll take care of all those details. Abodu clients report that delivery day is fun for the whole neighborhood. Imagine watching your ADU fly through the air, hosted by a crane, on its way to your backyard. Increase Home ValueIf “location, location, location” is king in real estate, the queen is “square footage.” More space in the right location is a surefire way to increase the value of your home. If you have the space, there is no better way to add square footage than with a functional and attractive accessory dwelling unit. So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to increase your home’s value, a backyard living space may be the way to go. Is Building an ADU Worth It?Very few homeowners will tell you they need less space. Whether as a workspace, an additional living room, or a granny flat, any ADU will add value to your existing home. In addition to the long-term benefits, using your ADU for rental income allows you to quickly recoup the cost and can help to pay for your primary home as well. When considering whether to build a custom accessory dwelling unit or to invest in a prefab ADU, consider that with Abodu, you will get a functional ADU floor plan designed in collaboration with award-winning architects. And, if you need a shed or garage torn down, prior to installation of your ADU, Abodu can help with that, too. While there are countless ways to add an ADU to your home, there is only one Abodu. If design, flexibility, and innovation matter to you, visit our showroom today to get a view of what your future backyard could be.

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