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January 9, 2022Homeowner Stories

You can find endless helpful information online about ADUs, including where you can put them, custom features, and more. But after some time, it feels repetitive to read what makes each company’s product or service so great—because it’s coming straight from the seller. We’ve compiled testimonials from real Abodu customers who want to tell their stories so you can feel empowered in your decision to work with us.

Flora Jeff – San Jose, CA

This California couple found the flexibility they needed during the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of Abodu. Trying to work, parent, and learn all under one roof can get pretty chaotic, which is why Jeff and Flora appreciated our aggressive work timeline so much. Because we were able to get most of the work done offsite, we were only in Jeff and Flora’s backyard for a couple of weeks. This gave them the space they needed to complete their daily activities comfortably. With detached housing, their family could finally find peace in the entropy brought on by the pandemic, their children’s schooling, Jeff’s remote work responsibilities, and ultimately their everyday lifestyle. Tackling distance learning and remote work simultaneously is quite the feat but can be made possible with the Abodu One, which boasts 500 square feet of completely optimized space. This unit can make virtual school and being a parent much simpler—you’ll have multiple dedicated spaces for nap time, snack time, yoga breaks, writing reports, attending meetings, and so many other opportunities for work and play.


Prior to Rabina’s husband’s passing, they thought about opportunities to grow their finances as they got older. They were open to weighing their options, as the area they lived in was expensive. With retirement nearing, Rabina’s son introduced her to Abodu as the solution to their financial goals. Rabina was overjoyed and noted that her Abodu ADU was honestly “the best investment” for her. While Rabina was looking for an investment property, she wasn’t interested in contractors coming in and out all the time. Nor was she excited about potential surprise phone calls at work, which is why she was sure that Abodu was the perfect choice. Her friends were also excited about her new ADU, and Abodu’s unmatched speed was the real attraction. You can share your goals with the Abodu team—whether you’re looking for a Built-To-Order Abodu, lightning-fast project timeline, or something small enough to fit in your current backyard. We’re ready to help you make it happen.

Vu-Bang – San Jose

Vu-Bang leads a career in housing policy, so he knows a thing or two about ADUs. He helped create a website to help homeowners calculate costs and learn if their property was eligible for ADU construction. His firm had been tirelessly learning more about the ADU construction process. While compiling various ADU options into a lookbook, Vu-Bang stumbled upon Abodu. His firm had been partnering with cities and counties across Napa Valley and Sonoma to get ADUs into backyards. Upon discovering Abodu, he wondered if he could replicate the unmistakable Scandinavian-chic style. Building any home from the ground up is no easy feat, and once Vu-Bang found out that the Abodu office is in the Bay Area, he gave us a call. He previously talked to another architect who wasn’t providing consistent price ranges or project timelines, which wouldn’t work. The varying final costs were too risky, and Vu-Bang needed upfront pricing without worrying about how going over budget could impact his project. Vu-Bang let us know that speed was important to him. We were able to get Vu-Bang’s permits ready to go and the finalized structure installed in his backyard in less than 6 months! With transparent pricing, it’s easier to plan your project in advance and understand a budget more precisely. When working with Abodu, you don’t have to worry about delays in permitting. Our Abodu Concierge Service includes pulling all the necessary permits. By managing every part of your experience down to the last detail, Abodu can take the frustration out of adding an ADU to your property.

Dan – San Jose

Dan had a huge—and empty—backyard. So huge he noted it felt like it was just sitting there, waiting for something great to happen. Dan decided that it would be nice to build a backyard home, so he started looking into it. A friend of his was an industry professional, and he noted one of the biggest challenges in projects like the one Dan wanted was permitting. It could delay a project significantly—as long as six months to a full year. Dan wasn’t interested in an elongated process. He wanted it to be simple and efficient. Abodu’s pre-fab ADUs and expedited permit processes offered everything he was looking for. Abodu’s one-stop-shop approach allowed for permitting, delivery, and installation of the actual product—pretty much everything you can think of involved in this process, from start to finish. The Abodu team handled all the hassle of dealing with the city on Dan’s behalf. With Abodu, Dan was able to sit back, relax, and remain a customer, opposed to a project manager–all for one transparent price. Abodu takes out all of the guesswork of new construction by putting all of the cards on the table. Pricing, timelines, custom options, and even permits can be discussed at any time before, during, or after we complete your ADU’s construction. Our customers enjoy thoughtful end-to-end service, and we’re upfront about every detail from day one. Whether you’re looking to grow rental income, welcome guests, or need an extra workspace, we’ll help you construct an ADU that’s perfect for you.

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