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Build a Prefab ADU in Santa Clara County

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About Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County is known for its lively tech scene, picturesque landscapes, and diverse communities. Home to 15 cities nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, from Los Altos and San Jose, the county has attracted a population of more than 1.9 million people.

As part of its efforts to provide affordable housing to residents, Santa Clara County allows homeowners to add prefabricated accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to their property. Also referred to as in-law suites or granny flats, prefab ADUs are designed to be cost-effective and quick to build, all while meeting precise quality standards set by local jurisdictions.

Why you should consider adding a prefab ADU to your Santa Clara County property?

The Santa Clara County real estate market is highly competitive, with housing prices rising yearly. By investing in a prefab ADU, you can improve your property value and produce a steady stream of rental income while providing affordable housing options to the community. In terms of ADU rentals, the county requires renters to stay in the custom home for a minimum of 30 days.

Unlike shorter-term rental agreements that require frequent contract renewals on a daily or weekly basis, month-to-month leases offer more consistency. This reduces the administrative burden for the property owner and provides tenants with peace of mind, knowing they have a secure place to call home for the foreseeable future.

As for sustainability, prefab ADU home builders often optimize these units with specially designed green features, such as solar panels, LED lighting, and eco-friendly materials and appliances. These elements could lead to lower energy consumption and utility costs for the modular home.

Plus, prefab ADUs offer unmatched flexibility in how they’re used. These turnkey units can serve as separate living spaces for guests, adult children, or aging family members. Alternatively, homeowners can turn their ADU into a home office, studio, or workshop. With a range of different prefab ADU designs and floor plans to choose from, this versatility lets you customize the space based on your evolving needs and lifestyle.

An installed and completed Abodu One

An installed and completed Abodu One

FAQs: Prefab ADUs in Santa Clara County

Construction costs for a prefab ADU in Santa Clara County span a wide range due to various factors, such as project scope, labor, materials, and custom configurations. In addition, each municipality issues a different fee schedule for ADU builds, which can include expenses for building permits and inspections based on the unit size.

For example, the cost of a tailor-made San Jose ADU could total $250,000 for a straightforward design and reach upwards of $350,000. However, a basement or garage conversion ADU plan may accrue expenses of between $80,000 and $150,000, though total square footage and customizations may influence the final price. Online resources like the Santa Clara County ADU calculator may provide a good starting point for estimations.

While the average ADU in California is roughly 615 square feet, an ADU in the Bay Area, which encompasses Santa Clara County, tends to measure an average of 604 sq.ft.

The county allows homeowners to build one ADU and one junior ADU (JADU)—smaller versions of standard ADUs—per single-family home in designated zones, but each structure has its size limitations. County building codes mandate that JADUs cannot exceed more than 500 sq. ft.

On the other hand, a prefab ADU in Santa Clara County in most cases can be a maximum of 16 feet in height and 1200 sq.ft. in size. For a JADU, the property owner must reside on the property—either in the main house or the ADU—though this rule does not apply to standard-size ADUs.

Whether you live in Los Gatos or Cupertino, you can kick off your search by researching and gathering information about experienced local ADU home builders. Check these builders’ websites, portfolios, and reviews to assess their expertise, craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Look at their ADU design style offerings and construction approaches to see if they align with your preferences. Reach out to friends, neighbors, or local professionals like realtors for recommendations and personal experiences with ADU builders in your community.

In addition, consider their familiarity with local ADU jurisdictions and building codes in order to streamline a smooth and compliant construction process. Many city planning divisions throughout the Bay Area, such as Redwood City and San Jose, have compiled lists of trusted companies that offer pre-approved ADU plans.

Learn more about Abodu Prefab ADUs

At its core, a prefab ADU Santa Clara County offers a wealth of benefits, such as creating a steady source of rental income and boosting the value of real estate. Take advantage of these perks by partnering with Abodu, the leading provider of prefab ADUs. The Abodu team crafts each timeless ADU design with precision and attention to detail, ensuring durable construction and a comfortable living space. Let our team handle the entire ADU building process, from securing permits to craning the finished product onto your property. Featuring premium materials and eco-friendly features, your new space will be beautiful and sustainable. Plus, Abodu prefab ADUs can be tailor-made and delivered as soon as six months after construction begins.

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Committed to delivering a straightforward, hassle-free experience for California homeowners, our efficient approach to prefab ADUs lets you enjoy your newly added living space as soon as seven months after signing on the dotted line.

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