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Prefab ADU in Santa Clara County

Abodu makes and installs prefab homes for play, passive income and possibility in as little as 6 months.

About Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County, at the heart of Silicon Valley, leads in not only innovation, but also in offering flexible housing solutions. As the demand for housing skyrockets and real estate prices consistently edge higher, homeowners are turning to prefabricated Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as a savvy solution. Abodu, a front-runner in crafting modern, high-quality prefab ADUs, stands at the forefront of this housing revolution.

What are the benefits of having an ADU?

ADUs offer several advantages for homeowners. They can provide additional rental income, accommodate family members, increase property value, and contribute to the community by addressing housing shortages. Moreover, as prefab units are constructed off-site and delivered ready to be installed, they promise a faster, more efficient, and less disruptive building process compared to traditional construction methods.

An Abodu One being installed with a crane.

An Abodu One being installed with a crane.

Santa Clara County ADU requirements

When planning to build a prefab ADU in Santa Clara County, you must adhere to specific requirements. The County of Santa Clara Department of Planning and Development is the best place to learn about ADU requirements.


How much does an ADU cost in Santa Clara County?

Estimate the cost by using the ADU calculator tool, which was developed by the county's ADU Planning Collaborative.

Building Permits

How do I get an ADU permit in Santa Clara County?

The permitting process for building an ADU in Santa Clara County involves submitting detailed plans and documentation—such as floor plans, energy calculations, and engineering data—to the county planning department for review. The office will permit the homeowner or ADU company if the plans comply with local building codes and regulations. The Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative has a helpful guide on how to obtain an ADU permit.


What are the top ADU requirements in Santa Clara County?

Since ADUs are functional living spaces separate from the primary residence, California law requires secondary units to have access to basic utilities like water, sewage, and electricity. Additionally, each city within Santa Clara County has specific ADU standards and rules.


How do I finance an ADU in Santa Clara County?

You can finance prefab ADU projects through various channels, including home equity loans, personal loans, or savings. Some prefab ADU companies also offer financing solutions, making the process easier for homeowners.

FAQs: Prefab ADUs in Santa Clara County

Fee schedules for ADU permits in Santa Clara County vary by city and unit size, but you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars. Find more information on your city's permitting page. Our Abodu Project Managers handle the permitting process for all prefab ADU builds.

California state law mandates a minimum distance of 4 feet between the ADU and a homeowner’s property line.

There are many types of ADU foundations. Abodu offers a stem wall foundation in our ADUs because it uses less concrete (which is more sustainable), lets you easily get to the utilities under the ADUs for any fixes or upgrades, and keeps moisture problems at bay better than the typical slab foundations, since stem walls raise the ADU off the ground.

ADUs usually come equipped with several essential appliances, including, but not limited to:

  • Stove or cooktop

  • Refrigerator

  • Oven

  • Dishwasher

  • Washer and dryer

  • Water heater

  • HVAC system

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A crane installing an Abodu.
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