Less Light = More Cozy Time

An Abodu Two in Twilight highlights the coziness and light from within the ADU.


November 23, 2023Backyard Living

Your Abodu can be the ultimate cozy escape in the fall, especially when the days get shorter. Curious what cozy looks like inside an Abodu? Here are our favorite ways to bundle up inside an Abodu.

Cook your favorite meal

The small Abodu footprint doesn’t equal a small kitchen. You can still go big with your meals in our full-sized kitchens, with top-tier appliances.

Whether your ultimate fall treat is something that comes out of the oven, or cooked low-and-slow on the stove top, the Abodu kitchen is up to the task.

Host family holiday parties and gatherings

Feeling too cramped in your main home to host for the holidays? That’s where Abodu comes in. Either let guests flow into the extra space and create an indoor-outdoor gathering, or contain the festivities to your Abodu.

Either way, thanks to Abodu’s large open concept kitchen and living room, your holiday gatherings will feel extra cozy and vibrant.

Binge your favorite shows for a little self-care

Nothing says escape like sneaking away to your Abodu to get some quiet time and to enjoy your favorite shows — without giving up control of the controller.

Make your Abodu the ultimate getaway space — whatever that means for you. From yoga and meditation studios to your own personal home theater, your Abodu is the ticket to self care (and self indulgence).

Let Abodu make your cozy dreams come true

If you’re ready to add an ADU, look no further than Abodu.

The Abodu concierge service is unparalleled — you get a dedicated project manager that handles everything from the moment you sign the contract to when you get the keys to your new ADU.

Get started by submitting information on your home and find out if Abodu is right for you — it’s free to get started and there are no strings attached. Get started.

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Abodu One in the woods.

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