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Prefab ADU in Redwood City

Abodu makes and installs prefab homes for play, passive income and possibility in as little as 6 months.

About Redwood City

Situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, Redwood City serves as the county seat of San Mateo County. Like many regions in California, this bustling Silicon Valley city is committed to finding sustainable ways to increase access to affordable housing. To bolster the housing supply to meet demand, property owners in the area are turning to prefabricated accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also called granny flats or in-law units, which are modular secondary housing units located on the same property as an existing dwelling.

What are the benefits of having an ADU?

A prefab ADU in Redwood City presents a wealth of opportunities, including increased affordable housing options, rental income potential, property value appreciation, and flexibility in usage. Due to the Bay Area's high cost of living, consistent long-term rental income can become a valuable asset to supplement finances.

Not only do detached ADUs provide a cost-effective means to address the area’s affordable housing shortage, but they also offer property owners the opportunity to move toward financial freedom. And by incorporating efficient, eco-friendly features like solar panels and green building materials, prefab ADUs allow homeowners to enjoy reduced utility costs and carbon emissions.

In terms of versatility, you can reimagine your backyard as a home office, guest house, or independent living space for extended family members. Plus, adding a detached ADU to your property, whether you own a single-family or multi-family lot, can increase its market value. This makes your real estate more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

An Abodu being unwrapped on Install Day in Redwood City

An Abodu being unwrapped on Install Day in Redwood City

Redwood City ADU requirements

Standard provisions involving permits, property lines, and utility plans help ensure the construction and design of a prefab ADU in Redwood City are safe and compliant with local regulations.


How much does an ADU unit cost in Redwood City?

When building a new ADU in the Bay Area, expect average costs to be around $177,500 for a backyard home, which is about $329 per square foot. Using this estimate, manufacturing a modular home spanning 500 square feet could cost roughly $164,500. It’s also worth noting construction expenses for a prefab ADU in Redwood City can easily add up when factoring in custom configurations for layout and features, as well as the size and scope of the project itself.

Building Permits

How do I get an ADU permit in Redwood City?

The city’s Community Development and Transportation provides ADU builders with an ADU checklist to reference during the permitting process, which outlines standards related to architecture, structure, fire hazards, and civil codes.

Under the checklist, an ADU company or property owner must submit a series of local application forms and detailed project proposals, including the floor plan and utility plan, for review by the city. The municipal staff will issue a permit to commence ADU project construction during the approval process.


What are the top ADU requirements in Redwood City?

In addition to complying with stormwater treatment zoning standards, the city building codes mandate that ADUs must have sufficient water and sewer service. As part of the permitting process, new ADU project proposals have to pinpoint the location of both existing and proposed on-site utilities, which include gas, water, electrical, sewer, and communications.


How do I finance an ADU in Redwood City?

Some ADU builders offer in-house financing and payment plans to make a prefab ADU in Redwood City more affordable. These companies may also have relationships with local banks, credit unions, and other lenders familiar with ADU financing.

Alternatively, homeowners could leverage the existing equity in their property as collateral by taking out a home equity line of credit to fund their prefab ADU. Additional financing options include a traditional loan, construction bridge loan, and cash-out refinancing.

Lastly, grants and incentives may be available through local government programs or nonprofit organizations. One of the most well-known statewide initiatives was the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) Grant Program, which disbursed up to $40,000 in ADU project funds for homeowners with low-to-moderate incomes.

FAQs: Prefab ADUs in Redwood City

The fees for a Redwood City ADU building permit can fluctuate based on a range of factors, including the unit’s size and the total cost of construction. Here are the city’s base fee schedules for an ADU permit:

  • $2,973 for ADUs of up to 400 sq.ft.

  • $3,635 for ADUs of 401–600 sq.ft.

  • $3,966 for ADUs of 601–800 sq.ft.

For a prefab ADU in Redwood City under 750 sq.ft., the city does not charge any impact fees.

As ADUs have increased in popularity for California residents, ADU developers have also sprung up to meet that demand. Abodu offers both affordable and stylish accessory dwelling units for residents in Redwood City and beyond. Plus, with many financing options available, it’s never been easier to build your dream ADU on your property. Reach out to us today to discuss your options for floor plans and financing.

Contributing to a functional and independent living space, a prefab ADU in Redwood City often features these common appliances:

  • Kitchen appliances: A refrigerator, stove or cooktop, oven, and dishwasher allow for cooking, food storage, and cleaning. Abodu units include stainless steel, electronic appliances. Upgrades are available for premium appliance options.

  • Laundry appliances: A washer and dryer or combined washer-dryer unit offers a convenient way to launder linens and clothing. Abodu offers internal upgrades that allow you to customize your ADU space and includes a washer/dryer combo unit.

  • HVAC systems: ADUs often have heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems installed to regulate the temperature and airflow, ensuring comfortable living conditions throughout the year.

Specific appliances included in an ADU may vary depending on the design, square footage, and intended use of the unit, such as if it’s a one-bedroom home office or single-family home.

Learn more about Abodu Prefab ADUs

Maximize your property's potential with a prefab ADU in Redwood City. Create extra living space for family, or generate rental income while adding value to your home. Explore Abodu's range of pre-approved prefab ADUs that accommodate custom configurations for unique features and finishes. Based in Redwood City, Abodu is redefining backyard homes in cities across the state, from Oakland and San Jose to Southern California metros like Los Angeles. We construct stylish, Scandinavian-inspired functional living areas for modern property owners using timeless, high-efficiency designs and sustainable materials. From the moment construction begins, our dependable team works diligently to bring your ADU vision to life in as little as six months.

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Featuring an impressive selection of pre-approved plans, Abodu streamlines the process of building and installing premium built-to-order ADUs.

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Each floor plan showcases timeless designs using sustainable, high-quality materials—all with upfront pricing.

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Committed to delivering a straightforward, hassle-free experience for California homeowners, our efficient approach to prefab ADUs lets you enjoy your newly added living space as soon as seven months after signing on the dotted line.

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Take advantage of an exceptional return on investment with an Abodu ADU.

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