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March 25, 2021

Huge Crane, Big Crowds in Palo Alto

Tom Roche
Head of Brand

Our largest crane yet brought the neighborhood out in full force

We’re still buzzing after our recent Abodu Two installation.

Sure, we’ve installed a bunch of Abodus state-wide, but the plus-size scale of everything from the crane, to the lift length, to the size of the family (eight kids!), made this one truly special.

The Galbraith’s, a modest family of ten, need all the extra space they can get. Ben and Jessica chose our largest unit, the Abodu Two, for their oldest kids when they come home from college.

As we’ve come to expect Abodu installations draw big crowds. But we don’t think we’ve ever seen this many kids. Throw some ice cream into the mix, and it was a full-time job keeping a lid on the excitement. Once we’d safely taken it all in, the children led the race ‘round back to get the first look. The spectacle was so large, ABC7 even stopped by.


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