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May 31, 2022

Living ‘The American Dream’ 2.0.

Abodu Team

Living ‘The American Dream’ 2.0.

These days, huge backyards and white picket fences are out of reach for most of us. The ‘American Dream’ 2.0 is about live-in grandparents, working from home, and flexible spaces.

Like so many Abodu families, San Mateo’s Liberti family’s Abodu One helped them realize their dream of bringing three generations together.

And looking at the clean lines of their sky blue Abodu nestled in their leafy green garden, it’s easy to share their vision.

Plus, Dan had such a blast watching the action on install day that we think he’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Don’t get up, Dan – Just point us to the spot!

We hope you had a warm and relaxing Memorial Day weekend in honor of the American Dream.

And, we'll make it easy.

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