Welcome to the Dwell House

Welcome to the Dwell House


Our exclusive collaboration with Dwell Magazine and Norm Architects

By Mariko Reed

Picture this: you wake up on a golden California morning and slide open the 12-foot folding glass doors to rows of cabernet grapes, olive trees, and a centenary oak.

That’s the reality for Dwell House owner Leslie Scharf and her daughter. They wanted something that fit the bucolic rolling hills of Healdsburg, CA and they found it in the Dwell House — our exclusive collaboration design with Dwell Magazine and Norm Architects.

Our most premium home comes in at just 540 square feet, but thanks to the panoramic folding glass doors, plentiful windows, and 13-foot ceilings, the space is airy and expansive.

Leslie and her daughter needed a space that didn’t dominate the landscape. With the Dwell House, they found something that’s functional, not flashy. This highly-considered design process is a cornerstone of the award-winning Danish firm, Norm Architects, that designed the Dwell House.

For a backyard home this distinguished, one would expect a long build and design process. But instead, Leslie was pleasantly surprised by the 6-month build and single-day delivery and install. She hosted the family for Thanksgiving just days later.

With the Abodu Dwell House — and all of our other prefabricated ADUs — you can expect exceptional design, unparalleled project management and service, and a speedy process.

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